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MCA Store > Kitchen and Entertaining > Meeting® Knife Set 4
Meeting® Knife Set 4

Meeting® is a series of knife sets that appear to be sculpted out of a single piece of steel, thanks to laser technology and a special hydrogen heat treatment. The proportions are determined by the Fibonacci sequence, with as its base the average width of a hand. The stunning, award-winning series designed by Mia Schmallenbach is manufactured by Déglon, a French maker of distinguished cutlery since 1921. Schmallenbach says of the design process, "I suddenly had a flash of inspiration: instead of trying to separate the knives, why not try doing the opposite and incorporate them into one single unit? Why not try and design a set of nested knives?"

Oak block and set of four stainless steel kitchen knives are made in France. The oak used is native to France's Burgundy region. Block is 13.75" long x 3.3" wide x .75" high with knives resting inside it. Meeting Knife Set of 4 includes a paring knife (7.5" long with 3.25" blade); a kitchen knife (11.25" long with 6.5" blade); a chef's knife (13.5" long with 8.5" blade); and a carving knife (13.5" long with 9.5" blade). Rubber pegs at bottom of block anchor it to counter. Knife set is beautifully gift boxed. Follow care instructions in booklet. Knives are extremely sharp--keep away from children. 


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