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MCA Store > Kids > Silicone Rubber Baby Bib (For Girls)
Silicone Rubber Baby Bib (For Girls)

Do you know any new parents who want to do more laundry after a feeding session? Enter the Silicone Rubber Baby Bib, created by the Make My Day design team from Australia! As its name indicates, it's made of stain-resistant silicone, so it's much easier to clean than a traditional bib: just give it a quick rinse with soap and water, let it air dry, or dry it with a towel--better yet, pop it in the dishwasher! The bib also features a spill pouch at its base, to catch the inevitable mess that happens when baby is feeding. And, despite its stain-resistant nature, it's soft and comfortable, and its strap is adjustable to accommodate babies of different sizes and ages.

And did we say the Silicone Rubber Baby Bib is fashionable? Check out the necklace/pendant.

Approximately 8" long x 7.5" wide. Lilac.

Item #: 900607Regular Price: $14.00
Member Price: $12.60


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