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MCA Store > Kitchen and Entertaining > Cocktail R-Evolution Molecular Mixology Kit
Cocktail R-Evolution Molecular Mixology Kit

Remember those chemistry sets when you were a kid? Think of this as a grown-up version! Cocktail R-Evolution will revolutionize your entertaining. The "do it yourself" molecular mixology kit allows you to recreate the atmosphere of the coolest, trendiest lounges in the comfort of your home. It will teach you how to deconstruct your favorite cocktails and serve your mojitos in a large bubble that will explode in your mouth, bite into a layered martini or add a touch of airy lime foam to your tequila shots! (And let's not forget that your guests will be very impressed.)

This all-encompassing kit includes five pre-measured food additives, three specialized molecular tools as well as a 30-recipe DVD that will facilitate the creation of your futuristic concoctions. The kit also contains 5 food additives (50 sachets), 5 pipettes, 1 slotted spoon, and 1 set of measuring spoons. List of the additives includes:
• 10 sachets / net 40g - Cold Soluble Gelatin
• 10 sachets / net 50g - Calcium Lactate
• 10 sachets / net 20g - Sodium Alginate
• 10 sachets / net 10g - Xanthan Gum
• 10 sachets / net 20g - Soy Lecithin

Created by MOLECULE-R of Montréal. Box is 12" long x 3" wide x 6.75" tall.

Item #: 506220Regular Price: $59.95
Member Price: $53.96


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