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MCA Store > Contemporary Living > Big Bloom Vase
Big Bloom Vase

This contemporary design by Charlie Guda harkens back to the seventeenth century. The Big Bloom Vase takes as its inspiration the Fresnel lens, originally used in lighthouses, to magnify a flower and show it in all its exquisite detail. The entire vase is comprised of only three elements: the front magnifier, a connecting rod, and a test-tube like beaker to house the bud. The simple but effective design allows you to greatly enlarge any flower to see its true beauty.

Assembly is easy: just follow instructions on box. Made of acrylic. 13.5" tall x 5.75" wide x 3.5" deep. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Item #: 506408Regular Price: $54.95
Member Price: $49.46