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Art Criticism 101


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PRODUCT: Art Criticism 101
SIZE: 4.25" high x 5.8" wide
MATERIALS: Hardcover
Thanks to this hilarious, tongue-in-cheek guide, you too can be an art critic! It includes 101 useful phrases, commentaries and critiques of guaranteed authenticity culled from actual contemporary art reviews. Take, for example, #72: "Its mysterious illegibility and the sentiments and drives it implies provide a link to the reign of the unfathomable in our consciousness."  If that doesn't impress your friends and family, what will?

The late author Harold Pepperell said his Art Criticism 101 is "A spoof on the many contemporary art reviews written in a language so esoteric and impenetrably convoluted that meaning evaporates when viewed in the cold light of day."

114 pages, Full Court Press.


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