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Beeswax Wrap Set of 2 - Small/Medium


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PRODUCT: Beeswax Wrap Set of 2 - Small/Medium
MADE: Germany
SIZE:  Small: 8.2” x 7” . Medium: 11" x 9.4"
MATERIALS:  Bio-cotton, regional organic beeswax, traditional pine resin and fair traded organic coconut oil
DESIGNER: Toff & Zürpel
The beeswax wrap is the practical, natural and reusable packaging for your food. It replaces aluminum & cling film, plastic & paper packaging as well as bulky lunch boxes and can be used in the fridge or freezer, at home or on the go.

Beeswax wraps are water-repellent and flexible. Cover vessels and plates with the cloth, cling to cut fruit and vegetables, wrap salads and herbs, wrap cheese, bread and slices. Use the heat of your hands to mold the wax to the surface you are covering. Do not use to store fish or raw meat.

Made in Germany. Sustainability and ethical bee treatment are the top priorities in Dresden-based Toff & Zürpel’s 3-year history.

Moisten the beeswax cloth and lather on soap while wiping with a clean sponge. Rinse the cloth as usual under cold water. If necessary, the beeswax cloth can be disinfected with vinegar. Be sure your cleaning agent is alcohol-free as this would dissolve the coating. Always clean with cool water. Let air dry completely before storing and using again.
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