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Brandon Breaux X MCA Facilitate Safe Space Magnet


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PRODUCT: Brandon Breaux X MCA Facilitate Safe Space Magnet
SIZE: 2.5" x 2.5"
DESIGNER: Brandon Breaux
This magnet is an MCA exclusive! 

Brandon Breaux is from Chicago’s Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood and is a multidisciplinary artist. Brandon is a collaborator—whether painting a mural for a Chicago public school, designing an album cover for Chance the Rapper, or working with commercial brands and agencies.

This collaboration is a conversation about how one relates to space.  The artwork is an abstraction of the MCA’s blueprint and is an extrapolation/metaphor of relating to the space in new ways.  Brandon says, “Using the golden rectangle as a guide I used shape and color to build a fun composition which celebrates the architecture of the building itself through my visual language.”

He adds, ”Magnets are decorative element for the home, to tell a story. To be a reminder of those messages. Affirmation of surrounding ourselves with things that remind us of who we are, or remind us of what we’re doing in this moment. I like sticking reminders on my fridge."
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