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Christmas Tree Poster


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PRODUCT: Christmas Tree Poster
MADE: France
SIZE: 63” high x 43” wide
DESIGNER: Ivan Duval
and Jean Sébastien Ides
Let’s hear it for two-dimensional Christmas décor! This poster is eco-friendly (you save a tree), safe, odor-free, easy to store, reusable, and no cleanup is necessary. It’s also highly pixelated and packed flat, so it contains numerous folds, heightening its dramatic, albeit artificial, effect.

From ATYPYK. Launched in 1998 by Ivan Duval and Jean Sébastien Ides, ATYPYK is a small, Paris-based company with a minimalist style— and big ideas. ATYPYK revolutionizes everyday objects by giving them unique details and a much-needed dose of humor. In the words of Duval and Ides, their designs are “useless, ironic, and eccentric objects, exactly what the world has been waiting for.”
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