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Confetti Illusion Scarf


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PRODUCT: Confetti Illusion Scarf
MADE: United States of America
SIZE: 60" x 12"
MATERIALS: Silk Organza, Merino wool
DESIGNER: Barbara Poole
The Confetti Illusion Scarf features a silk organza base from Uzbekistan, a stop on the former silk road. It is sustainably made in small batches by many weavers throughout the region. The silk is unique to the region and Uzbekistanians are the only ones creating silk organza of this nature.

The inspiration for this scarf was a New Year's Eve party. The floor was marble and at midnight confetti was released from the ceiling and designer, Barbara Poole, danced in all the swirling color. The scarf is her interpretation of that magical night.

Handmade in the USA.
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