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Dark Wild Deep Scented Candle - Daydream


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PRODUCT: Dark Wild Deep Scented Candle - Daydream
MADE: Chicago
MATERIALS: Soy wax, glass
Handcrafted in Chicago!

Daydream radiates a sophisticated sensuality and mystical feelings of emotions, like a soft wind or stars flying by your window. Effervescent top notes of bergamot float on sparkling and reflective blue waves with deep undertones of black rose and resinous steam distilled benzoin. Fused with cypress notes, sage, and cedarleaf with lime Peru chilling in the bottom notes. Pure tone and longing, a passionate and sincere journey with warm resins and woods, ideal for falling in love.

2 oz. soy wax votive candle in smoke grey glass. Burn time of approximately 16 hours.
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