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Deluxe Thawing Tray


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PRODUCT: Deluxe Thawing Tray
SIZE: 12.75" long x 7.8" wide x .75" thick
MATERIALS: Anodized aluminum, stainless steel, silicone
This thawing tray uses innovative engineering to solve a vexing problem: how to quickly thaw food. It’s convenient, sanitary, and green: it uses no power or water, and avoids wasting natural resources. It also result in delectable tasting food.

Unlike the defrost setting on microwave ovens, which actually cooks your food on low, destroying the flavor, this tray uses heat-pipes from the semi-conductor industry to maximize the rate of heat exchange between frozen food and room temperature, resulting in a lightning-quick defrost. It defrosts meat right on the countertop without any external heat or power source for a gentle, even thaw in less than half the time of traditional countertop thawing.

The tray features a slight tilt that guides melted liquid towards the integrated drip tray. The elegant anodized surface with wood grain design, and side-mounted silicone gel strips keep your countertop safe and scratch free.


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