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Desk Object Puzzle - Grey


$37.80 Members


PRODUCT: Desk Object Puzzle - Grey
MADE: Brooklyn, NY
SIZE: 4.5"
DESIGNER: Locknesters
This abstracted piece will stylishly hold all of your most precious items.

All Locknesters are hand sanded, barrel tumbled, and top coated to create a final product that is the result of devotion to craftsmanship and quality.

Part puzzle and part toy, Locknesters are the result of a fascination with unconventional geometries and a desire to create design work that encourages interaction. Locknesters could be thought of as three dimensional jigsaw puzzles, each model can be taken apart and assembled, used as a challenge to friends, a distraction from work, or to liven up a room.

Locknesters are produced from high quality, American-made plastic. They don’t use toxic chemicals. Locknesters are made in their Brooklyn headquarters using a blend of old and new manufacturing techniques. Models are designed digitally on the computer before being 3d printed, sanded, tumbled, and hand lacquered.
All proceeds from the MCA Store support the exhibitions and programs of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.