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Dolmen Stone Candle Shell and Lounge Scented Candle


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PRODUCT: Dolmen Candle Shell and Lounge Scented Candle
MADE: France
SIZE: 4.33" high x 3.54" diameter
MATERIALS: Candle: French mineral wax enriched with vegetal wax. Lead-free cotton wick.
DESIGNER: Antoine Phelouzat
After wood, stone! A rechargeable shell for the 200 gram candle refills. The Dolmen shell is artisanally crafted in Brittany in France and is hand-sanded. Tiny bubbles of hollow glass are injected throughout the material to make it as light as possible. A sanded finish brings vibrancy and reinforces the mineral touch.

Each candle is delivered in its own black cotton bag, which also includes a box of long matches.

The Lounge candle has three sophisticated woods sweep you away entirely with strong notes of amber, gently backed by vetiver and sandalwood.

Approximately 40 hour burn time. ???????Refillable with any Hypsoe candle insert.
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