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Frankenstein Head Model



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PRODUCT: Frankenstein Head Model
SIZE: 8.75" high x 5" wide x 6.5" deep
“Think of it. The brain of a dead man waiting to live again in a body I made with my own hands! With my own hands.”

This head model is composed of 176 multi-shape polygons with 163 edges. The skin texture is carefully modeled from the photo of Boris Karloff's portrayal in the 1931 movie Frankenstein. This model set includes 26 precut cardstock parts and a fully illustrated assemble sheet. Model parts are assembled by connecting flaps. No glue is required. It takes approximately one hour to complete. It’ll look great on your desk at work or in your study at home, especially on a dark and stormy night. For ages 12+.

Frankenstein’s Monster is of course a fictional character that first appeared in Mary Shelley's 1818 novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. In popular culture, the creature is often referred to as "Frankenstein" after his creator Victor Frankenstein, but in the novel the creature has no name.
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