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Green Home: The Joy of Living with Plants


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PRODUCT: Green Home: The Joy of Living with Plants
SIZE: 7.15" x 10"
MATERIALS: Hardcover
AUTHOR: Anders Royneberg
Green Home explains how to "green up" your life with an array of houseplants, and has been a bestseller in author Anders Royneberg's home country of Norway.

Living with plants can enliven and enrich your surroundings, promoting feelings of relaxation and well-being. But where to start with curating that vital indoor collection?

Green Home features all the green plants Anders has collected in his own apartment of 50 square meters – over 100 plants – and how this inspires him towards greener living.

With a guide to houseplant types, hints and tips on how to get your plants to thrive and also on how to integrate them into your home décor scheme, it's a plant book with added personality.

160 pages
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