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Hexagon Clock Medium


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PRODUCT: Hexagon Clock Medium
MADE: United States of America
SIZE: 9" x 9" x 2.25"
MATERIALS: Wood, archival ink
DESIGNER: Douglas Chalk
The Hexagon clock uses three rotating discs to point to hours (blue), minutes (red), and seconds (yellow). The hands and face are printed individually from Douglas Chalk's original artwork using archival quality inks that are light safe for 70 years.

The clock is powered by a high torque quartz motor running on a AA cell battery. You can hang it on a wall, stand it upright, or the clock comes with a stand that enables it to sit at an angle.

Each clock is handmade in Oakland, California and signed by Chalk and serialized. It is packed in a gift box complete with a 5-year warranty.
All proceeds from the MCA Store support the exhibitions and programs of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.