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Joshua Vides x MCA Say Cheese Camera


$31.50 Members


PRODUCT: Joshua Vides x MCA Eraser
SIZE: 2.5" x 4.75" x 6.25"
MATERIALS: Plastic and 35 mm film
DESIGNER: Joshua Vides
An MCA exclusive! Say cheese! This fun disposable camera is the best way to save a memory forever. With illustrations by Joshua Vides on all 6 sides of the camera and all six panels of the box. In Joshua Vides’ signature pop art style. Each camera come with personalization space. Get back into printing your shenanigans on 35mm color film.

Joshua Vides is a Southern California based visual artist and graphic designer. His work defines the premise of pop art through immersive illustrations and a range of limited products. His latest concept, Reality to Idea, highlights the shape and form of objects through a Black & White comic-like perspective.

Joshua’s exclusive collection for the MCA Chicago emphasizes his high-contrast sensibility and graphic lines with a workwear aesthetic to present a collaboration focused on heritage, functionality, and creative tools with a twist. The collection is directly inspired by the contemporary art experience and the physical dimensions of the MCA architecture.

Joshua says, “The relationship with the MCA is pretty special. For me it was an opportunity to create an experience with product. I don’t think just product is exciting at all. I make people feel things when the step inside one of my spaces. Installation has to coincide with the product. When it came to conceptualizing, I had to step back and ask, What is a good story? What makes sense? More so, it’s like me thinking of being a kid and going to a museum for the first time… and how that has affected my career and my life as a creative. I had never been to Chicago prior to the Murakami truck project. I spent that entire summer there. Ever since that, there’s this continuous pull from Chicago, bringing me back.”
All proceeds from the MCA Store support the exhibitions and programs of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.