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Kenneth Josephson


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PRODUCT: Kenneth Josephson
SIZE: 11"" high x 10.25" wide
MATERIALS: Softcover
Chicago-based photographer Kenneth Josephson (American, b. 1932) changed the way we think about pictures. Created over the course of decades, his pioneering conceptual photography pushes the boundaries of the medium. This exhibition catalogue, Kenneth Josephson, memorializes the first comprehensive retrospective of Josephson’s photographic works made between 1961 and 1982. The exhibition included a range of works: black-and-white photographs, collages, postcard collages, three-dimensional objects incorporating photos, a continuous slide presentation of Polaroid sx-70 snapshots, and two early films. MCA curator Lynne Warren organized Josephson’s philosophy of photography around four series: Marks and Evidences of Events (begun in 1963–64), Images within Images (begun 1963–64), Archaeological Series (begun in 1975), and History of Photography Series (begun 1970).

Josephson’s works—at times playful and often displaying irreverence toward the conventions of traditional photography—comment on photography’s inventive nature, its paradoxically unique and tautological qualities, and the fact that viewers’ past experiences with photography condition how they see photographs in the present. His work demonstrates that photographs are not neutral; on the contrary, they convey ideas in addition to an image.

72 pages, MCA Chicago, 1983. The exhibition Kenneth Josephson was presented at the MCA Mar 25–May 22, 1983.
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