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Kolormondo Sphere - Large



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PRODUCT: Kolormondo Sphere - Large
MADE: Sweden
SIZE: 19.5" diameter
MATERIALS: Polypropylene
DESIGNER: Nicoline Kinch
Build your own world of color! Consisting of five round pieces and six wedges, Kolormondo displays 185 colors in all their subtlety, making it possible to see how colors actually relate to each other. It is being used in universities of design, architecture and fashion all over the world, in cities as diverse as Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Milan, Santiago de Chile, Shanghai and Stockholm. Also, many innovative companies like use it for color training purposes and for design discussions and inspiration. Kolormondo is also a beautiful decoration for the home, studio or office. Assembly required (and it’s part of the fun!). Building the color globe improves ability to mix and match colors and is great for students to learn to communicate about color. Kolormondo is an easy reference guide for saturation, hue and value. It is made in Sweden from environmentally friendly Polypropylene, and is digitally printed.
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