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Last Audience: a performance manual 2020


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PRODUCT: Last Audience: a performance manual 2020
SIZE: Manual includes 5 booklets, each 7.5" x 5"
MATERIALS: Softcover
The publication is available as a printed piece or as a PDF. Choose your selection by scrolling through the “Select a color” box. Purchase the manual and receive both the printed piece and the PDF. The online events associated with the publication were produced at the MCA on October 24 and December 13, 2020. Learn more

Yanira Castro and a canary torsi have reimagined their work, Last Audience, for an era of social distancing. In this new publication, audiences are asked to become the actors, the set designers, and the directors of their own performance. Recipients will receive five booklets containing 28 scores, along with other materials, which guide them through rituals of mercy, judgment, communion, blessing, and liberation. These scores can be enacted at home or outdoors, with others or alone.

Each score is customizable, and no two performances will be alike. Participants also have the opportunity to commune with other audience members at two online events. After these events, Last Audience: a performance manual lives on in both the digital and physical worlds—as an ongoing shared archive on lastaudience.com and as a lasting memento in this collection of booklets. The publication is available as a printed piece or as a digital PDF.

197 pages in total across five booklets, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. 

Score from Blessing manual. Photo: Simon Courchel. 
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