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Low Oval Porcelain Artware Vase



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PRODUCT: Low Oval Porcelain Artware Vase
MADE: United States of America
SIZE: 12" long x 8" wide" 8" high
MATERIALS: Porcelain
DESIGNER: Mary Anne Davis
Known for her use of brilliant color and her handmade slipcast method, ceramicist Mary Anne Davis moved to the Hudson Valley from New York City in 2000. Outside of Chatham, she established a studio overlooking rolling hills and deep, green woods. There, she works with a team of women potters to handcraft dinnerware, dishes and art objects that find their way onto the tables and into the collections of creative people around the world.

Despite its delicate appearance, porcelain dinnerware is more durable than earthenware or stoneware. Crafted from a blend of minerals and kaolin clay, it is fired at very high temperatures, resulting in long-lasting and luminous pieces.

Due to the handmade nature of this item, variation will exist. Each piece is unique.
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