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Man Meets Woman


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PRODUCT: Man Meets Woman
SIZE: 5.5" high x 5.25" wide
MATERIALS: Hardcover
Leading graphic designer Yang Liu manages to tell evocative—and often amusing—stories while making salient points with her uncluttered illustrations. Here, she tackles one of the hottest, and one of the oldest, topics of all: he and she. Drawing on the experiences, challenges and many perspectives on men and women she has encountered in her own life, Yang Liu distills the vast, swirling question of gender to bold, binary pictograms.

Dealing with a whole host of situations from the bedroom to the boardroom, Yang Liu’s designs are as simple and accessible in their presentation as they are infinite in the associations and responses they elicit. Combining age-old stereotypes with topical discrepancies, this fresh approach to the roles and relationships of men and women is above all an effort to synthesize a notoriously thorny issue into a fun and refreshing graphic form, and so to lighten and enlighten our mutual understanding and tolerance.

128 pages, Taschen.
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