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Massive Change


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PRODUCT: Massive Change
SIZE: 9.6" high x 6.8" wide
MATERIALS: Hardcover
Accompanied the exhibition of the same name at the MCA in 2006. Massive Change is an exploration of our new design potential -- a celebration of our global capacities and a cautious look at our limitations. Massive Changeis a modern illustrated primer on the new inventions, technologies, and events that are affecting the human race worldwide. The book is a part of a broader research project by Bruce Mau Design intended to provoke debate and discussion about the "familiar objects and techniques that are transforming our lives." In essays, interviews, and provocative imagery aimed at a broad audience, Massive Change explores the changing force of design in the contemporary world, and in doing so expands the definition of design to include the built environment, transportation technologies, revolutionary materials, energy and information systems, and living organisms. The book is divided into 11 heavily illustrated sections covering major areas of change in contemporary society - such as urbanism and architecture, the military, health and living, and wealth and politics. Each section intersperses intriguing documentary images with a general introductory essay, extended captions, and interviews with leading thinkers, including engineers, designers, philosophers, scientists, architects, artists, and writers.

By Bruce Mau with Jennifer Leonard and the Institute Without Boundaries. 240 pages, Phaidon Press. The exhibition Massive Change and the City: Global Visionaries Symposium was presented at the MCA Sep 16–Dec 31, 2006. Learn more.


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