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Memento Mori Sea Paperweight


$45.00 Members


PRODUCT: Memento Mori Sea Paperweight
SIZE: 1.5" high x 3.15" diameter
DESIGNER: The School of Life
London’s The School of Life designed this paperweight as a modern version of a “memento mori,” a work of art that reminds us of our mortality. It is both pleasing to look at and should serve as a daily inspiration to tackle our most important task: to live in accordance with our true talents and interests and to make the most of whatever precious moments we may have left. Many of the obstacles we face in our lives are rather like the waves of the sea: relentless, bleak, repetitive and, ultimately not responsive to our wishes or longings. This is not a cruel fact about one’s own predicament; it is a basic premise of the human condition. Therefore, one should not bring unreasonable expectations and be continually shocked and dismayed when life does not answer to our demands. We should learn to accept all we cannot change and face it with a degree of heroism and stoic strength, as a sailor battling the waves might. We can also, in the midst of our struggles, appreciate the beauty and grandeur of what we’re up against.

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