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Mirror Bookmark


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PRODUCT: Mirror Bookmark
SIZE: 6.25" high x 1.25" wide
MATERIALS: Stainless steel and glass
DESIGNER: Brandon Wilner
This reflective bookmark was originally designed as a palindrome machine (palindromes are texts that read the same both ways). The size of a standard bookmark, its polished mirror surface reflects text and generates palindromic phrases while saving your page. Featured on the packaging are visual poems by designer Brandon Wilner demonstrating the palindromic nature of the bookmark. The first poem is composed of palindromic words; the second poem is composed of palindromic letters.

Brandon Wilner is a reader, writer, and twin who lives in New York. He co-runs the reissue label Fake Music Re-Anticipations and has a bi-monthly radio show on the Lot Radio. His work can be found via Publication Studio; the Summer Forum residency journal, Dilettante; and the music website Resident Advisor. He holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University’s Department of English and Comparative Literature. As for designing, if he thought that conceiving of objects were more dangerous than living in general, then he probably wouldn’t do it.
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