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Momo's Rummy Card Game


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PRODUCT: Momo's Rummy Card Game
SIZE: Standard card size
MATERIALS: Cardstock
MoMo was our chain-smoking, Early Times-drinking, (alleged) mob-connected grandmother who only played for money and keeps. Rarely was she seen without her Virginia Slims & a deck of cards.

MoMo created this version of rummy that’s been passed down five generations now. Each game consists of multiple decks of cards, 7 hands, & at least 8 Jokers. And since MoMo was the wild card in the family, she's the Joker.

If you need to hustle some pocket change, this might just be your game.

Each set comes with:
2 decks of cards packaged in MoMo’s infamous, vintage cigarette purse
Official rules & quick reference cards included
All proceeds from the MCA Store support the exhibitions and programs of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.