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Norma Kamali: The Skinline Kit


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PRODUCT: Norma Kamali: The Skinline Kit
SIZE: 2 oz/59 ml each
DESIGNER: Norma Kamali
The purpose of the Skinline Kit is to provide a simple plan for a no makeup fresh glow with natural products for the face and body. A moisturizer for SOFT tone, a GLOW produced daily or as often as you like and finally SMOOTH, an exfoliant that works on face, hands, and body. You will want to use it everyday because it works. The Skinline has a value that is democratic and inclusive. It’s the new normal... Normalife.

2 oz / 59 ml each.

How to Use:
In order to activate this unique formula, you must massage it on to dry skin, avoiding the eye area. Take the time to massage this product thoroughly into the skin to yield the best results. Then turn on shower and rinse thoroughly. May use daily. For a mini manicure massage on to dry hands and rinse. For total body apply on dry skin and massage each section. SMOOTH is a perfect prep for GLOW.

Apply thin layer on face and neck, avoiding eye area. Massage GLOW into dry skin until the cream is no longer visible to achieve a post workout glow. Add another layer for a deeper glow. Apply head to toe for a full body glow. Color builds within hours. After application wash hands. Use SOFT morning and evening to add longevity and richness to the glow. This product can be used day and night, by men and women, all year round.

Shake well. Massage on to dry skin - face, hands, and body as often as desired for soft, moisture nourished skin. Can be used as a makeup remover, massage cream, or used to boost the color produced by GLOW. Massage SOFT on feet before wearing socks as a mini spa treatment day or night.
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