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Onion Goggles - Green and Black


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PRODUCT: Onion Goggles - Green and Black
SIZE: 5.75" long x 4.5" wide X 3.5" high
MATERIALS: Plastic, polycarbonate
& foam
Why do you cry when you chop an onion? Because the enzyme sulfoxide lyase and sulfuric compounds are release from the broken cells. They react to form the vapor thiopropanal sulfoxide when exposed to air, and this vapor irritates our eyes as it evaporates. That make us cry--but no more! Just don the Onion Goggles and chop awaywithout tears. Their comfortable foam seal protects eyes from irritating onion vapors, and anti-fog lenses offer maximum clarity and eye protection while you're choppin' (and stylin') in them. The unisex design fits most face shapes, but will not fit over glasses. Storage case keeps goggles dust-free, and they're easy to clean: just wipe them with a soft cloth.

Not designed for use as safety glasses, nor do they have corrective lenses.
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