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Past, Present and Future Watch



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PRODUCT: Past, Present and Future Watch
SIZE: Watch face is 1.6" diameter
MATERIALS: Stainless steel and glass
DESIGNER: Daniel Will-Harris
The Past, Present and Future Watch is a thought-provoking, stylish way to keep you anchored in the present. It will help you live in the moment and possibly lead to a richer, more meaningful life. It reminds you there’s no time like the present by making visible only the present time, which is bookended by the words PAST and FUTURE. What’s past is past. The future doesn’t exist yet. The time is now.

The exclusive band is made of a fine stainless steel mesh that will not pinch the hair on your wrist. It also features a safety clasp on the buckle which prevents it from falling off your wrist, in the unlikely event it becomes unhooked.
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