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Pessimistic Greetings Cards Set


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PRODUCT: Pessimistic Greetings Cards Set
SIZE: Box is 4.1" long x 2.9" wide x 1.5" high
Feeling a little.... up? Here's an antidote to optimism. Behold this beautiful boxed set of five premium-quality greetings cards with envelopes, each with a different message pertinent to a world where there can be an oppressive, nearly intolerable demand to look on the bright side.

These cards allow us to bond with others around an honest admission of some truly sobering realities. Send one to a friend with a dark sense of humor, share with a family member resistant to being led along but open to an empathetic gesture, or frame one and put it on your desk as a reminder that being pessimistic is not necessarily a bad thing, but an acknowledgement of a fundamental truth of the human condition.

It might sound rather grim to send someone a pessimistic card, but, in fact, it is one of the kindest and most generous things one could do. That’s because what often makes us sad and angry isn’t disappointment, but a sense that our hopes have not come true and that our lives are unusually bitter; that we have been singled out for particular punishment. These cards suggest otherwise. Life isn’t incidentally miserable, they tell us; it is fundamentally, deeply difficult for everyone.
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