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Polaroid 600 Camera


$117.00 Members


PRODUCT: Polaroid 600 Camera
SIZE: 6" high x 5" wide x 5.75" deep
MATERIALS: ABS Plastic and electronic components
Everything new is old again. This is the perfect instant camera for beginners, or for anyone who misses their old Polaroid camera. It is fun and easy to use, with an automatic flash and simple controls for adjusting exposure levels. This classic analog camera has been carefully refurbished and fitted with a new frog tongue to shield photos as they exit the camera.

The camera has a classic 80s-style boxy design that would undoubtedly meet the approval of Mariette Hartley and the late James Garner, who popularized Polaroid cameras in a series of television commercials. Includes a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Film not included.
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