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Psychoanalytic Pencil Set


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PRODUCT: Psychoanalytic Pencil Set
MADE: Germany
SIZE: Each pencil is 6.75" long
MATERIALS: Wooden, embossed pencils in a buckram finish box
DESIGNER: The School of Life
Which element of your personality is imploring you to buy this set of pencils, the id, the ego or the superego? Dedicated to asking life's big questions, The School of Life has elegantly embossed 6 pencils with psychoanalytical mental processes to stew over while you write. The importance of the printed words: The Pleasure Principle, Gratitude, Transitional Object, Projection, Sublimation and Defence Mechanism (note the British spelling), are all described in a small leaflet included with the pencils. The set is also attractively boxed, making it a great—and thoughtful—gift.
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