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Psychology of Color Pencils Set


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PRODUCT:  Psychology of Color Pencils Set
SIZE: Box is 7.25" long x 4" wide x .5" high
MATERIALS: Wooden pencils in buckram-finish box
Colored pencils aren’t just for kids. This British-designed set of 12 pencils explores the psychology of color, explaining the association between colors and moods. After all, colors are connected to the chords of our souls.

The set includes a booklet about the psychology of color, explaining how particular shades can link us to a range of memories and feelings: Hope, Vitality, Adventure, Power, Ambiguity, Clarity, Discipline, Sanity, Realism, Mellowness, Dignity, Authority.

You don’t have to be a designer or an artist to take an interest in the psychology of color. When decorating at home, choosing a new item of clothing, or even taking notes at work or school – different colors bring out different sides of our personalities. These coloring pencils are a good way to explore the contours of your emotional life while making plans and reflecting on your emotions.
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