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Pulcina Espresso Maker


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PRODUCT: Pulcina Espresso Maker
MADE: European Union
SIZE: 6.5" high x 5" wide x 3" deep
MATERIALS: Stainless steel with plastic handles
DESIGNER: Michele de Lucchi
Pulcina is truly an example of form meeting function—and taste. It is the result of intense research into optimizing of the shape of the coffee pot in order to improve and enhance the sensory properties of coffee. Thanks to the internal shape of its special heater, it automatically stops filtering the coffee at the right moment. This interruption helps to eliminate the eruption phase, the final filtering stage that generates a burned and bitter aftertaste, ensuring that only the finest qualities of the coffee are preserved, enhancing its full-bodied and rounded flavor and aroma.

The pronounced spout is specially designed to perfectly cut drops when pouring. From a practical standpoint, making coffee with Pulcina is just like making it with a traditional coffee pot.
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