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Ray Gun Desk Pen


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PRODUCT: Ray Gun Desk Pen
SIZE: Pen is 5.25" long x .5" diameter
MATERIALS: Brass & aluminum with chrome finish

British designer Ben Hall says, "My Ray Gun Desk Pen was inspired by my love of science fiction movies and TV shows I watched when I was a kid. Early memories were of the Flash Gordon serials televised for the first time and Star Trek. The Star Trek TV show had a particularly cool Ray Gun for Captain Kirk and his crew which they called a 'Phaser'. The 'Phaser' had a very practical realistic design which appealed to me. I later found out it was created for the show by a designer called Matt Jefferies. I have replica Star Trek Phasers in my toy collection. Finally perhaps one of the coolest Ray Guns, or 'Blasters' as they called them, to grace the silver screen were the ones used by Leslie Nielsen and his crew in the classic 1950's science fiction movie Forbidden Planet!"

The rollerball pen features a gun-sight shaped clip with a twist mechanism. Uses black ink; set includes refill. The stand is made of lacquered acrylic. Gift boxed. 5.25" long x 2.5" high x 1.5" wide, including stand.

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