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Salt and Pepper Grater


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PRODUCT: Salt and Pepper Grater
MADE: Sweden
SIZE: 4.7" x 1.6"
MATERIALS: Himalayan salt rocks, Java long peppers, FSC-certified oak wood holder, Japanese-style stainless steel grater
Salt and pepper are probably the most common spices around the world. They are taken for granted, sometimes asked for and seldom noticed. Rivsalt wants to change that. They deserve to be brought into the dinner light and displayed in a luxurious manner.

The Rivsalt approach to these versatile spices involves several well-crafted elements delivered in a clean white cardboard gift pack. Himalayan salt rocks, Java long peppers, carefully carved oak wood holder and perfectly shaped Japanese-style stainless steel grater.

Himalayan salt is a natural rock salt that was created when the prehistoric seas evaporated some 250 million years ago. The salt rocks vary in color, from pure white and beautiful light pink to dramatic deep red, all depending on iron oxide content. Perfect on top of your much-loved weekend scrambled eggs.

The Java long peppers have their own distinctive character combined with the familiar black pepper taste. Grated over your dish, the pepper will surprise you with unexpected aromas of licorice, aniseed and cinnamon, and with a spicy sensation towards the end. Think of it as a regular black pepper with a twist. Great on top of a Gin & Tonic.

Their salt and pepper grater is a Scandinavian gastronomic experience that will fulfill the role as a center piece on any dining table.
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