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Skull Pillar Liquid Candle



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PRODUCT: Skull Pillar Liquid Candle
SIZE: 6" high x 3" diameter
MATERIALS: Polymer exterior and liquid paraffin
The image on this pillar candle is inspired by vintage publishing and anatomy charts. The warm glow of a natural flame highlights the skull and throws soft light into the surrounding room. Best of all, the candle is safe, refillable and everlasting. It looks and feels like a wax candle, but it is made of a polymer that never burns down.

The body of the candle is a reservoir for liquid paraffin. The removable top contains a fiberglass wick that reaches into the reservoir and draws up the liquid. Only the liquid is burned: the candle and wick are permanent. Just light the wick and enjoy clean, natural candlelight. The candle burns 24 hours between liquid refills. Candle fits on platform or spike candle holders. The liquid paraffin is sold separately (see related item below).
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