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Smartphone Cinema


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PRODUCT: Smartphone Cinema
SIZE: 13" high x 11.5" wide x 2" deep
MATERIALS: Cardboard, magnifying lens, plastic tubing and tape
Never again will you frustrate hordes of people when you ask them to crowd around a tiny smartphone screen just to share a photo from a recent vacation or a funny video you’ve just discovered. Now you can transform your smartphone into a real movie-theater projector!

Following the illustrated instructions, you'll simply fold the colorfully designed cardboard pieces into a box equipped with a powerful lens and sticker dots for holding your smartphone perfectly in place. There's even a hole in the back for keeping your phone plugged in and your battery at full charge. It's easy to obtain the perfect picture: just set the projector four to five feet away from your wall and then slide the back half of the box backward or forward to find the clearest image possible.

Smartphone Cinema is great for streaming movies or watching amusing cat videos with your friends. You can also use it to carry on the tradition of reminiscing over photos with your family, just like your Uncle Bob used to do his Kodachrome home movies. And it all happens with the amazing technology you're holding right now in your pocket!
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