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Snowman Hoptimist


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PRODUCT: Snowman Hoptimist
SIZE: 3" high x 3.75" wide including arms
MATERIALS: Plastic and metal
DESIGNER: Hans Gustav Ehrenreich
This festive snowman will remain cheerful throughout the winter, and he’ll never melt. He makes a great holiday decoration and he’ll keep you smiling all season. He's made in Denmark. For ages 3+.

Hoptimists go beyond optimism, transforming attitude to action--with a little help from you. They smile at you and wait for your response: maybe a smile, perhaps a slight tap to get the figure moving. They repay you by bouncing up and down, powered by surplus energy, thanks to the spring in the center of their bodies. The bottoms of their feet are covered with felt to keep them from scratching desktops as they gently bounce and hop. Both adults and kids will be captured by their hoptmistic attitude!

Hoptimists were created by Danish designer Hans Gustav Ehrenreich in 1968, and they have been revived by his son Jørn Ehrenreich along with Lotte Steffensen.
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