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Spinning Solar Earth Globe


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PRODUCT: Spinning Solar Earth Globe
SIZE: 6.5" in diameter, stand is 2" high x 3.75" wide x 4" deep
MATERIALS: Acrylic globe and crystal base
Truly a globe for the twenty-first century, this dynamic representation of our planet is interpreted from actual pictures from satellites, showing Earth as it appears from space. The vast oceans and colored land masses are partly obscured by the wispy white cloud cover that drifts over the planet's surface. The airy cloud cover set against the deep blue ocean hue illuminates the planet's natural beauty. The pale yellows and vivid greens of the spinning globe's land masses take the viewer from America's epic deserts to the jungles of Africa.

Miniscule solar cells within the globe take in natural and artificial light to produce a low energy that powers the globe's rotation. No batteries or inconvenient power cords are needed to make this model spin.
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