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Square Stack Earrings - Black and Gold


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PRODUCT: Square Stack Earrings - Black and Gold
MADE: Greece
SIZE: Approximately 1.5" width x 2.25" height
MATERIALS: Coated Brass
DESIGNER: Marianna Grammatikou and Vagelis Michailidis
Marianna Grammatikou and Vagelis Michailidis take you on a dream voyage in the world of jewelry design. Their exciting joint trip in creativity started off in the city of Thessaloniki in 2001 when they both decided to share their vision and aesthetics.

Inspired from ancient Greek craftsmanship, they add elements of modern living, creating a stunning visual experience. The use of simple lines, clear volumes, and geometric forms are the blueprint upon which they weave their art, as a tribute to their ancestors. Their tools are different metals combined with natural materials, a reminder of a return to mother earth. Finally their color combinations add a modern dimension to their timeless classical creations. The purpose is to help people dream a journey through time and space.
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