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St. Pierre Feather Bow Tie


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PRODUCT: St. Pierre Feather Bow Tie
SIZE: 2.5" high x 4.75" wide x 1" deep
MATERIALS: Feathers and silk
Feather bow ties are the ultimate in unique formal wear for men. All bow tie feathers are collected from naturally molted bird feathers and hand selected for each tie. The St. Pierre Bow Tie is made up of bobwhite quail, guinea, and rooster feathers. This assortment of sustainably sourced feathers creates a striking black and white tie with slight iridescence on the outer edges.

The basic feather design of each bow tie is the same, but every tie will have a slight color variation because of the handpicked feathers. Each is unique; no two are identical. Bow tie is wraparound, adjustable hook-on style, and can be adjusted from 11" to 20”. Packaged with care instructions in closed-top, wooden storage box.
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