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Stick Man Bottle Opener


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PRODUCT: Stick Man Bottle Opener
SIZE: 2" high x 1" wide x .3" deep
DESIGNER: Spark & Rocket
Stick man used to be a pejorative term—but no more. This one is ready and waiting to give you a hand (or two) getting that bottle open, man! The charmingly simple utensil is made from bent and welded wire.

Stick Man Bottle Opener could be the love child of Keith Haring’s politically charged stick man pop-art and Giacometti’s Surrealist stick man sculptural masterpieces. Simplicity of form is generally understood as a sign of existential struggle for meaning, rather than as a technical deficit. Reduced to its symbolic core, Stick Man represents the quenched thirst of the parched beer drinker while retaining aesthetic appeal for the thirsty Abstract Expressionist—or something like that. Open a beer and decide for yourself.
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