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The Futurist Cookbook


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PRODUCT: The Futurist Cookbook
SIZE: 7.25" high x 4.25" wide
MATERIALS: Hardcover
Fourth in the wonderful series On the Table, founded and edited by writer and a culinary historian Charlotte Birnbaum, The Futurist Cookbook is a manifesto-as-culinary-innovation. Written in 1932 by founder of Futurism F. T. Marinetti and his collaborator Fillia—“like all the arts, it excludes plagiarism and demands creative originality. It is no accident that this work is being published in the midst of a world financial crisis, the development and outcome of which apparently cannot be determined; what can be determined, however, is the dangerous and dispiriting panic it engenders. This panic we counter with a Futurist cuisine: in other words, optimism at the table.”

Replete with experimental recipes, this book is a multilayered exploration of cultural metabolisms— with the dining table as its centerpiece, of course! Brilliantly illustrated by Jan Kietala and translated by Barbara McGilvray. Ribbon bookmark. 228 pages, Ram Publications USA.
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