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Trace Chanukiah - Clay


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PRODUCT: Trace Chanukiah - Clay
SIZE: 10.51" high x 10.8" wide x 4.88" deep
Via Maris's steel chanukiah reinterprets a classic form through the use of industrial materials and process. The steel tubes that form the arms of the chanukiah are swaged open with friction, creating the space to hold a candle and translating this often overlooked technique into a decorative detail. The nine removable cups that hold the candles allow for easy cleaning and ensure a secure hold.

Via Maris is committed to donating 1% of its annual sales to organizations that make our world a better place. Their 2020 pledge is to the Anti-Defamation League. Via Maris also avoids all oil-based plastics in their products and packaging, instead working with infinitely recyclable materials such as paper, aluminum, steel and glass. Their factory holds ICTI Certification, Global Security Verification, IAD & CNAS Quality Management System Certificate of Conformity, and is ISO 9001-2001 Quality Management certified.

Chances are you’re not using an actual “menorah” to light your Hanaukkah candles, but rather a “chanukiah.” A menorah, which has seven spots to hold candles rather than eight, is derived from the oil candelabra that Jews used as a mobile temple during the second century, when a tyrant Greek king outlawed Judaism throughout Judea and Samaria. As the 2,200-year-old legend has it, when the Jews’ religious freedom was finally restored they moved to rededicate the Second Temple in Jerusalem. When they went to light their menorah at their new temple, it stayed aflame for eight nights even though there was only a single day’s worth of oil.

Fast forward to centuries later. The menorah’s modern incarnation is the chanukiah, which has a total of nine spots to hold candles: Eight spots for the eight nights of Chanukah the oil miraculously burned, and a ninth spot designated for the shammash (helper candle) which is used to light the others.
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