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PRODUCT: Uptown: Portrait
of a Chicago Neighborhood

SIZE: 13” high x 9.5” wide
MATERIALS: Softcover
This is a time capsule from 40 years ago. It shows you what life was like in Uptown, one of Chicago’s most diverse and densely populated neighborhoods, from 1973-1977. Although the book specifically focuses on one neighborhood in Chicago, almost every large city in America has a neighborhood coping with similar challenges. Bob Rehak says, “Photographing in Uptown for four years made me much less judgmental and much more understanding of the troubles other people face. I experienced firsthand the plight of parents forced to choose between shoes and food for their children.” More than 250 black-and-white photographs are accompanied by an introduction and captions.

272 pages, Chicago's Books Press. Images © 2014 Robert Rehak. Used with Permission. All Rights Reserved.
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